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About Us

VITALGLAM specializes in IV Therapy.

All of our staff are licensed medical professionals. We strive to make your treatment a comfortable, safe and effective experience. We are always dedicated in placing your well-being a top priority.

We offer non-synthetic vitamin supplements and obtain all our products from the most reputable FDA-registered (U.S.) licensed sources.

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  • Love getting the IV Therapy before and after any trip I make. It is a must! Especially at these prices.
    — Cristy
  • I had no idea I even needed IV Therapy! After many years of a lot of physical training, I had no idea why my energy was so low. Now I can fix the problem and feel 10 years younger.
    — Mike
  • With the VitalGlam's IV Therapy, I finally lost the baby weight. Over 10 pounds naturally with a nutrition and wellness package that was made for me.
    — Maribel
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What is IV Therapy?

IV Vitamin Therapy is the administration of nutrients directly into our bloodstream to promote well-being. Our infusions are administered by licensed healthcare professionals to help improve low energy, athletic performance, accelerate wound healing and even help you recover from a hangover!

Que es Sueroterapia?

La sueroterapia es la administracion de nutrientes que ingresan directamente a nuestro sistema circulatorio para promover el bienestar. Nuestros sueros son administrados por profesionales de la salud con el fin de mejorar la fatiga, la falta de energia, promover rendimiento atletico, acelerar la cicatrizacion, y hasta para ayudarte a recuperar una resaca!


*Mobile Service available for an added fee

Hydration Boost

Hydration Boost - $99.00

Deliver basic but essential hydration to your body with this IV.

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Energy Charge

Energy Charge - $159.00

This IV gives you the boost of energy you need to keep going.

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Skinny Infusion

Skinny Infusion - $179.00

Boost metabolism and safely burn fat with this infusion.

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Hydration Boost Plus

Hydration Boost Plus- $139.00

Deliver that basic hydration with an added vitamin of your choice.

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Athletic Drip

Athletic Drip - $169.00

Designed for muscle recovery and athletic performance.

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Post Op

Post Op - $189.00

This infusion will help you replenish and recover after plastic surgery.

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After Party Mix

After Party Mix - $149.00

Accelerate hangover recovery so you can continue with your daily routine.

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Wanderlust Bag

Wanderlust Bag - $169.00

Feeling jetlagged or simply getting ready to take on a flight? This IV is perfect for those travel lovers!

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Glam and Glow Blend

Glam and Glow Blend - $189.00

Our signature blend designed to make you glam within and glow without!

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